Harvey Garbage + The Flowers

Harvey Garbage + The Flowers are a three-piece rocknroll band out of Providence, RI. The brainchild of Pawtucket’s Cody James, he and The Flowers (Chuck Perry on bass + Mikey Apples on drums) blend street-smart poetics with a loud dose of sonic obnoxiousness, crediting “punk before the UK or hardcore jocks took it over” as their biggest influence. 

AS220’s biggest event and the coolest block party in Providence is right around the corner. A day packed with art, performance, music, and community that is unrivaled in our city. Here to get you hyped up for what is sure to be a stellar event are a series of interviews with the musicians who will be performing throughout the day on our two amazing stages!

This time around, Cody James of Harvey Garbage and the Flowers (or HRVY GRBG + THE FLWRS or Harvey Garbage + Le Fluers, name a way to style it and he’s probably done it,) answered some of our questions about himself, his band, and their relationship with the arts scene in Providence.

Harvey Garbage and the Flower are made up of Cody James who reportedly

“yawps and plays southpaw guitar,”

Chuck Perry on lead bass, and Mikey Apples on Drums. Cody says him and his bandmates met through “a series of drunken encounters in Providence, I came up with Harvey Garbage in 2015, played a few solo shows in 2016, then went really into in 2017. I met Chuck and Mikey that way, and the Flowers formed in 2017.”

Cody describes Harvey Garbage and the Flowers sound as

“Neurotic Pop. Like Bugs Bunny in a Scorcese film.”

The bands creative name also has an interesting origin story that I was able to ask about

“Harvey Trash disposal is a dumpster company out of Western Massachussets. “Garbage + The Flowers” is a line from Leonard Cohen that Chuck thought we should use.”

I asked Cody if the band has any albums out or in the works, and if so where they can be found and he directed us to harveygarbage.bandcamp.com

“We have two ep’s out as a band. There’s a buncha solo stuff up there as well.” You can find the band on Facebook and Instagram with @harveygarbage, Cody says “the twitter handle is a Russian bot though so don’t bother.”

If you live in Providence it is fair to assume you know Cody James, or at least know someone who knows hi, so it only seemed fair to ask him for his opinions on the Providence music scene and he came through with

“Its an eclectic weirdo tightknit mess and I love it. We love Cherry Pit, Tall Teenagers, Eric + the Nothing, and Hairspray Queen. RIP Super Natural II, Neutrinos! And Pvramid.”

He artfully dodges my question about the bands plans for the future saying

“For the what?”

and signs off 666HRVYGRBG666, which is something a guy I dated in high school probably had written on his skateboard, but it works for him.

Catch Harvey Garbage and the Flowers at Foo Fest, August 18th, on the indoor stage at 4:30!