Lookers is a dark pop super group from Providence, RI comprised of members from Ravi Shavi, The Low Anthem, Thug Honey, and Sweetpea Pumpkin. Members include Bryan Thomas Fielding, Nick Politelli, Rafay Rashid, Muggs Fogarty, & Florence Wallis. https://www.facebook.com/LookersPVD/ 

AS220’s biggest event and the coolest block party in Providence is right around the corner. A day packed with art, performance, music, and community that is unrivaled in our city. Here to get you hyped up for what is sure to be a stellar day are a series of interviews with the musicians who will be performing throughout the day on our two amazing stages!

First up we caught up with Muggs Fogarty, the delightful and enigmatic lead for the band Lookers. Other members being Rafay Rashid on guitar and vocals, Nick Poletelli on guitar, Florence Wallis on bass and vocals, Bryan Fielding on drums and synth.

Muggs describes Lookers as new music and says the band is inspired by themselves when creating. They are “pleased as punch” to be playing Foo Fest and are most excited to see little kids wearing scary face paint the day of (who wouldn’t be?)

When asked for some background on the bands members and how they had formed Muggs said that

“We are all from the womb, and then places such as Pakistan and England, but mainly from Providence. The act of forming into the entity known as –lookers- happened in the chaos of 2016. Rafay, Brian, and Nick had been playing together before, but in a different reality. Rafay and Muggs met while they both were hiding in New York. They had chosen the same ventilation shaft to sneak through to get to a Yoko Ono show. Bryan and Nick were born in the same hospital and knew Rafay from the moment he moved to the states. Florence met all of them at once while having a breakdown and cheered up immediately.”

Muggs tells us that outside of Lookers the members of the band also are part of the projects Sweetpea Pumpkin, Thug Honey, Ravi Shavi, the Low Anthem, and that they regularly collaborate with friends, in their own words “the [Providence] music scene is a virile hotbed.”

Lookers has a “super-secret completed EP coming out whenever the stars align,” but the bands true goals for the future are to market their very own tomato sauce, which I suspect will do great on the farmers market circuit.

Lookers will be playing Foo Fest August 18th on the indoor stage at 3:30 PM and can be found on Instagram at @lookers_pvd in the meantime!