Space Heater

“Maiden-X on vocals and Joe Lou on assorted instruments and programming. This is dance music for doctoral candidates from outer space and love songs for robots. …” (Eric Baylies) –The Noise Boston

“Think Kimbra and Trent Reznor on the moon for a dark disco dance date and the after party is playing Mario Kart at Bjork’s house!” -Maiden X

AS220’s biggest event and the coolest block party in Providence is right around the corner. A day packed with art, performance, music, and community that is unrivaled in our city. Here to get you hyped up for what is sure to be a stellar event are a series of interviews with the musicians who will be performing throughout the day on our two amazing stages!

Today Joe Lou, one half of Space Heater, answered some questions for us. Considering how far away he’s transmitting from, it’s a real treat that it all came through loud and clear, and that he’ll be here in person with Maiden X to add some far out fun to Foo Fest.

[Begin Transmission]


In what year was the act formed?
Earth 2017 AD.

Had you played together previously?

Where are you both from?
Maiden X – Moon II of Planet X. Joe Lou – Corneria of the lylat system.

How you and Maiden X meet?
We actually shared a bill at AS220 many moons ago.

What are the band members positions?
Maiden X – Vocals. Joe Lou – Navigator (analog drum machine.) C0mput3r R3p0rt – Matter and visual generator

How did the name Space Heater come about?
It was already engraved on the side of our ship when we bought it at the Junk planet.

Do you have any albums out or in the works? Where can we find your music if so?
WE WANT TO BELIEVE, Twas our Debut Album, find it on However we are now building a new story to prepare for…STAGE 2!

How would you describe your musical genre? Who influences and inspires you as an act?
Our genre is “Dark Sci-Fi Pop.” [We are inspired by,] Xploding Plasix, Bowie, Kimbra, NIN, The Gossip, MST3K, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crim3s.

How do you feel about the music scene in Providence? If you have some favorite local acts who are they?
They are the most delightful and delicious humans. We like Video Shoppe, Black Pus, The VIENNAGRAM, and Vudu Sister.

What are your feelings about laying foo fest this year?
We hope people mistake us for Live Prov Wrestling members… Also we are thrilled to take part in such a crucial earth art environment.

Who are you most excited to see perform at Foo Fest?
The VIENNAGRAM, Le Feeling, Consuelo’s Revenge,

What are some of the bands goals for the future?
Consume more earthli- I MEAN travel the east coast. Generate several more episodes of our campy Sci Fi misadventures. Build a cult following… Manipulate said cult following…PROFIT.

Catch Space Heater at Foo Fest, August 18th, on the indoor stage at 1:30! And if you want to find them online in the meantime to join this really cool cult, you can find them at and